Friday, December 26, 2014

6 Months PPC Training- The Ideal Gateway to a Successful Career!

When you are about to complete your university, it is the time when you start thinking about your professional career. If you have decided to enter in the internet marketing, you must think about pay per click (PPC) arena. This ideal technique gives businesses an opportunity to increase their reach and catch attention of their targeted customers in the market.

To accomplish success in it, you must think about six months industrial training in PPC. It gives you an opportunity to learn new technologies and develop professional ethics. Once you successfully finish you training program, you will be able to promote businesses using different techniques that suit their specific requirements.

What aspects will be covered in your training?

Introduction to PPC and AdWords

Keywords Research

Account Management

Creating Ads and Campaigns

Video and Mobile Ads

Facebook and Twitter Ads

CPC Management

Traffic Estimator    

Conversion Tracking Codes

Budget and Bidding

Campaign Management and Tweaking

When searching for an organization to complete your PPC training, it is essential to look for a Google certified organization that will give you an ideal platform to develop new skills and enhance the ones you already have. Do not go with any firm unless you are certain about their reputation. You are highly recommended to visit the organization in person in order to get all your doubts and concerns verified. Ask them about all the aspects that will be covered in your training. Remember, it will be one of the most important decisions of your life and you just cannot afford to take it for granted.

Benefits of these training programs

Apart from all technical aspects, it will also help you to boost your confidence and learn corporate culture.

You will be able to receive frequent feedback on your work that will allow you to make all required improvements.

These organizations have various projects, which mean that you will get an opportunity to work on live projects.

These companies have professionals working on projects that will take care of your entire training program.

You will also receive a certification from the company about your training, which helps you to enter in the professional world.

These companies also provide assistance when it comes to securing a job. They can prepare you for technical interview rounds.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Why Industrial Training in SEO is Getting Popular?

For every online business to succeed, it is extremely important to achieve and maintain high search engine rankings. Yes, it is because majority of the internet users prefer using search engines to find products or services that they are looking for. This is the main reason behind increasing popularity of search engine optimization. SEO has become an integral part for every online marketing campaign.

Hence, if you have decided to pursue a career in SEO arena, you are certainly heading in the right direction. In order to be an expert of the industry, six months industrial training in SEO is the ideal platform for you to get started. If you complete you training program from a reputable organization, you can certainly enjoy the following benefits.

The foremost benefit of these training programs is that it gives you an ideal opportunity to understand and learn latest SEO techniques that you know to begin you dream future in the digital marketing.

SEO is an ongoing process and you must stay updated with its all updates to achieve successful outcomes. Hence, a training program gives you a chance to accomplish up-to-date knowledge.

Your training program is an ideal way to achieve equal share of both practical and theoretical SEO knowledge. You will get an opportunity to work on live projects and analyze the outcomes.

You will complete your training under the guidance of industry professionals, which means that apart from technical knowledge, you can also learn ethics of the corporate world.

After successful completion of your training, you will receive appropriate certifications that will not just lift your self-belief, but will immensely help you in securing your first job as well.

Many reputable organizations will also help you in your job search after your training. Professionals of the organization will prepare you for different interview sessions.

These training programs have much more benefits to offer, but only if you complete it from an authentic place. Hence, it becomes extremely important for you to ensure that you look for a certified organization with a proven track record. It is highly suggested that you prefer a SEO company for your program instead of any institution. This is because these companies have wide range of projects along with IT mentors with years of experience under their belt.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Enhance your iPhone technical skills with six months industrial training

If you want to explore your iPhone development skills, you need to step forward for industrial training program. Soft System Solution provides six weeks/months industrial training in iPhone Development. Here you can get quality technical training that will enhance your skills.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Get your career started with SEO training

Acquiring a degree is not enough for achieving a safe and secure career in I.T industry. You need to put little more effort. Taking six months industrial training, will be more than enough. It will definitely help you to fetch a financially rewarding career.

I.T industry offers variety of fields such as soft ware development, PHP, and SEO. If you are not from I.T background, but wants to pursue your career in this field. Then you can go for search engine optimization Training (SEO). This is a wonderful field, where may be initially you won’t get good salary but you as you be more experienced, you can enjoy high salary package and a good working environment.

Many people are not aware of SEO, what it is and what it offers? The answer is as simple. It is a strategy through, which any business organization makes sure, that their website is visible in Google and to maintain the good rankings in internet. So before starting your career in this field it is necessary to go for maximum Six months industrial training in SEO, training can exceed from six to twelve months.

What if offers-

This training provides you the familiarity, with I.T environment.
Here you will be trained how to make affective use of SEO tools. Such as SEO Book's Rank Checker, XML Sitemaps Generators, Back links Watch, SEO Power Suite, Google Ad Words Keyword Tool.

Apart from SEO training, you will be given extra classes, which include Seminars, personality development classes, and special aptitude classes, where you will be taught the skills to crack the aptitude tests for college campus placements. 

Here students will get an opportunity to work with live projects

Students also gets chance to work with senior professionals and learn lots of SEO strategies, which help to build the rankings in internet.

 Here students will be able to learn, how they can make the best use of the content provided by the content team.

They will also be taught how to direct the content team and see what king of articles and blogs will meet the requirements of clients.

Cost of the course-

Almost all I.T companies offer this training and the cost depends on the reputation of companies. Big MNCs may charge more than small companies. And the standard and facilities also depend from company to company. So before going for training make the necessary research don’t just go to some unregistered company, because at the end of training you’ll be given a certificate. If the company is not certified your certificate will automatically be invalid and will not fetch you any good. It will mere be the waste of time as well as money. So try to make the best use of your time and money and try best to get this training in a company, who can offer you placements on the basis of your performance.

Friday, November 28, 2014

How Industrial Training Grooms the IT Skills?

In professional courses like BCA, B.Tech, MCA, B.Sc. (IT), M.Sc. (IT), Industrial trainings are necessary. These trainings will not only pertains to campus placements but also fetch them a financially rewarding career.

How it helps to groom the skills of upcoming professionals:


During the training period students get an opportunity to get familiar with the working environment and can prepare them accordingly.

These trainings continue for almost six months and during those six months students get an opportunity to experience live projects, which enhances the basic concepts and over all knowledge.    

During those six months industrial training, weather it is in Chandigarh or in any other city through India, students can enjoy real life experience and sometime, if the company is  impressed with their  hard work and dedication, they hires them under  good salary package.

Students get an opportunity to work under highly qualified and experienced industrial professionals. Their experience and guidance is doubtlessly fruitful for trainees.

These trainings helps students to get prepared for campus placement interviews, Because during the training period apart from practical knowledge students are given personality development classes, where they are taught various tips to crack the interviews more effectively

There are various fields under I.T sector such as PHP developing, Software Developing, Testing, Web Designing, etc once you go through a proper training, you can easily decide one specific field, which you feel yourself comfortable with.

Here students can fundamentally practice those things, which they have red in books and also gets a chance to present their knowledge and creativity.
Why students need Industrial training?

These training are necessary to enhance student’s communication skills. They get an opportunity to expose their skills and share their innovative ideas in front of superiors and high authority people.

It increases the work-related opportunities for students, because most of the companies hire these students after seeing their enthusiasm and willingness to learn and explore their knowledge.

It helps students to obtain and improves their workplace knowledge and skills. They can practice academic knowledge in real practical world

From the above discussion, it is clear that industrial training fetch lots of benefits to I.T students. It grooms their personality make them more confident, open minded and innovative. At the end you will definitely be prepared to work in any challenging and competitive environment. If you are an I.T aspirant and planning to take such training, be careful while choosing training organization. Always go for those who are certified and can provide you a certificate at the end.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Perspective behind Pursuing Industrial Training

To meet the abreast industry standards, it has become very important for students to go for industrial training. Be it any sector, training has become a part of curriculum these days.

However, many may still not consider it important, probably they are not aware of the objectives behind pursuing IT course.

If you are one amongst those candidates, then you must read the following points to know the objective behind pursuing IT training:

Work on real lifetime projects: The foremost benefit of going for training program is gaining hands on experience on real time projects of web services. This is entirely a different experience for students because studies imparted in colleges or universities are entirely different to that of industrial courses.

Improve learning ability and skills: Enhancement in knowledge and skills is possible through IT courses. Things learnt in colleges or university is improved via it, when students work on live projects and in a real industrial environment.

Work in real industry environment: With industrial training, students get exposure of the real working industry environment. They get acquaint with organizational structure, companies norms, operations and administrative functions.

Develop personality skills: Apart being technical sound, personality skills are also improved. Candidates learn how to behave in industry, handle tasks, and communicate with higher authorities and colleagues. 

Work in time bound projects: Meeting demands on time is very important in IT sector. Therefore, time value is taught to students, so that they gain experience of working in time bound projects.

Learn execution of projects: Students can get familiar with the project. Basics, requirements, and full-fledged programs are shared with the candidates that help them out in executing the projects successfully.

From the above aspects, you must have got an idea about the benefits of it. If you thought industrial training is sheer wastage of time and money, then you were mistaken. Going for IT course will help enhance your skills.

If interested in getting six months industrial training in SEO,.Net, Java, software quality testing, PHP, pay per click, reputation management, ERP, data warehousing, SAS, embedded systems, VLSI, Linux, databases, banner, logo and graphic design, CMS etc. you must find a reliable training center.

If you want to become a qualified IT professional, you need to seek for a good institute, which is reliable for providing quality training in web services.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What all skills are improved in six months industrial training?

Industrial firms always look for candidates who have work experience in addition to the paper qualification. Thus, industrial training has become fundamental for students, while pursuing higher education.

This is the reason why more and more students are today going for six months industrial training in order to translate their knowledge gained in colleges into practical form.
Here are few skills that are improved through industrial training-

Communication skills- In agreement to classroom and practical training, it is important to be good in communication. Therefore, candidates pursuing training are also given training on how to improve their communication skills. Ability to transmit information in best possible way will help you to make other understand your views, which will likely guarantee your long-term success in the company.

Technical skills- Motive of students to pursue industrial training is to become technically sound. Majority of colleges are incapable of providing practical training to students, this is why candidates go for industrial training. During the practical learning program, candidates get opportunity to work on live projects, which helps enhance their learning ability.

Team-working skills- Besides gaining hand over technical skills, team working skills also get improves. Students get to learn how to work in a team and maintain decorum of the office. Subsequently, this will make things easy for candidates when they will get place in IT industry.

Problem solving skills- Multiple tasks or jobs will be given to students during training that will help improve their thinking skill. This will make things easy for candidates when they will get numerous tasks in real working industry (because they will be able to handle all the tasks efficiently).

Professional ethical skills- Dress code and punctuality are two professional ethical things on which a candidate needs to standby. This will give a professional look to the organization.

From the aforementioned points, you must have got an idea what skills you can improve through practical training program. So, if you to want to be technically sound, go for internship. It will not just help improve your knowledge but also bring in more job opportunities for you.

Before you make your decision of choosing a training institute, make sure they are best in the industry. Few factors that you need to count upon are experience, past students experience, credibility, authorization, and qualification of lecturers.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Industrial Training- Why You Should Choose a Company Over Institute?

Today, majority of the employers are looking for employees that are ready to step into the professional world, and require no training. This is the reason why from last few years, importance of industrial training programs has increased significantly. Hence, it has becomes an integral part of the curriculum and technical engineering programs.

Every student needs to undergo these training programs in order to enhance their qualification and practical skills before they step in the corporate environment. These training programs are designed to give them an opportunity to groom themselves and step ahead towards their dream future.

However, whenever you decide to start your 6 month training in Chandigarh, you need to make sure that you should select an IT company, instead of going with an institute. There are many quality reasons that why you should prefer a company over institute.

Employers have adopted new hiring model, instead of using outdated hiring methods. Thus, they    prefer students with some corporate experience under their belt.

Most of the times, main focus of the institutes remains on theoretically knowledge only, where as in an organization they can receive equal share of both practical and theoretically training.

When students join their industrial training at a company, they are not treated like students and are given opportunities to explore and perform work on corporate projects using professional tools.

Performing work under IT professional with years of experience gives them more self-confidence and belief to experiment new things.

After finishing 6 months industrial training, students also receive an experience letter from the IT organization, which gives them immense benefit in their upcoming professional arena.

Students receive training on latest technology and a chance to work on live projects. It also gives them a chance to discover their hidden potential and show the skills that they have developed during their studies.

Most of the reputable organizations also provide employability test and skills assessment to ensure the progress an efficiency of the training programs.

You can gain more benefits from your industrial training, but only if you have selected a right company with a training program of your interest. Hence, it becomes extremely important for students to carefully find a reputable and certified organization to complete their training. Always make sure that the company has a proven track record and there are no negative reviews against them. You can also ask them about previous student’s reference to be more sure.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Acquire technical skills by pursuing industrial training from a Professional Company

Looking into the growing competition in the IT sector these days, the need to pursue industrial training has become essentially important.

Prime benefits of procuring industrial training are the skills and competencies students acquire. These skills are long-life assets for recipients, which cannot be vanished with time. This is because of the interlinking of acquired skills and knowledge that are put into use while performing jobs.

Besides this, several other benefits are there of six months industrial training in Chandigarh that help students to enhance their technical skills:

A blend of theoretical and practical knowledge provided to students that help them to work efficiently in the real industry.

Real hands on experience is gained, which is not possible in theoretical classes of colleges or universities (because practical experience is lacking there).

Students get exposure of environment as well, in which they will eventually work after the completion of training. Hence, this enables them to see their future profession-working place and environment.

Students with non-technical background can also pursue industrial training in courses like web development, designing, iPhone development and more.

Candidates get acquainted with latest technology like equipment, tools, processes etc. that enable them to cope up with the pace of technological changes being made in IT sector.

Not just candidates benefit from this, but it is the national development as well. Productivity increases, which brings good name for the country.

Personal attributes develop such as presentation skills, creativity, leadership, time management, and interpersonal skills.

The overall environment and working culture of industrial training makes students prepare for employment. This brings in easy transformation from college to real working environment.

A bridge between the knowledge acquired from college and the training institute is build, which is must for work organizations.

The overall knowledge gained from the training institutes help students to get good job opportunities. This is because many IT organizations look for candidates who are well trained in this aspect.

Reading the aforementioned aspects, you must have got an idea how the IT training is helpful for candidates who want to explore their skills and do good in future.

But before getting enroll in a training institute, make sure they are expertise in training students with latest technologies. This is must in order to cope up with the pace of competition growing these days.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

3 Cornerstones of Industrial Training in Chandigarh and Its Benefits!

If you want to be an expert developer, designer, or SEO analyst, industrial training in relevant technology is essential.

Following are the three cornerstones on which many industrial training institutes emphasize on:

Core technical skills

Trainees are empowered with the in-depth knowledge of the selected field, which helps them to learn the advanced concepts and trends of their field. Mostly, trainees are trained by seasoned veterans of the selected field.

Soft Skills

Technical skills are not just enough for a success in the competitive IT industry. In agreement to it, soft skills are must to procure. Candidate needs to have a good personality, so that the candidate can carry himself or herself well in the industrial environment.

Mock interviews and group discussions are conducted to build up confidence, which help students provide tremendous workplace exposure.


After completion of training, institutes provide 100% placement opportunities to students that allow them to work in their dream company.

Proper database is maintained and special attention is paid on the placement of students.

Benefits of pursuing six months industrial training in Chandigarh-

Industrial training makes students 'industry ready' that helps in getting good job opportunities.

Candidate gets hired by top IT companies, where they might have dreamt working.

Instructions are provided by industry professionals who are specialized in their key areas.

Superb infrastructure with state-of-the- art systems, library, recreation room and cafeteria that makes students even more enthusiastic about their studies.

With the end of training candidate gets professional certification of their course, which helps in obtaining lucrative jobs.

Students get expertise with core technical skills. In addition, they get trained in personality development and soft skills. Overall, in accordance to covering technical part for completing a project, professional ethic skills are taught to teach students how to maintain decorum of the industry.

Besides technical and personality development skills, team-working skills are taught that helps candidate to learn few tactics about how to handle a team or how to work in a team.

Get guaranteed placement assistance, which helps provide tremendous job opportunities.

Improvement in critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Confused over industrial training? Get to know various options!

IT industry is growing with every day. This growth is increasing the demand of trained professionals in information technology field. Many students want to make a career in IT sector; therefore, they do not get proper guidance. However, many of them know about 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh or any city, which works as a gateway to successful career.

If you are interested in IT field and want to get a proper industrial training, then you will get many options. These many options may confuse but you must be clear on what you want. In any institute, you will get following options in industrial training:

PHP – PHP is one of the most popular programming languages, which is widely used for web development. Students can complete their PHP training and build a successful career in IT industry. In this course, topics like introduction to PHP, server, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL are included CakePHP. Topics of CMSs like Wordpress, Magento and Joomla are also included in this course.

iPhone – iPhone development is a growing market, which will offer many jobs in upcoming years. In iPhone course, trainees can learn about Objective C, mobile application development, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), iOS, MAC development, Model View Controller (MVC) and many more topics related to iPhone.

Microsoft.NET – .Net is developed by Microsoft and used worldwide by IT companies. In this course, students can learn about ASP.NET, VB.Net, languages like C++, C Sharp and Advanced C# etc. Many institutes also cover topics like Visual Studio, which is an integrated development environment of .Net. Microsoft.NET can offer a promising career in the information technology field.

SEO – Search engine optimization is a field of internet marketing. It is growing rapidly and so is the number of jobs in SEO. Students who want to become a SEO profession must get enrolled in proper course. In this program, topics like on and off page optimization, Google Analytics, Google Algorithm, rankings, SMO, and link building are covered. Research and analysis of websites, competition, keywords etc., are also included in this course.

PPC – Pay per click, or commonly known as PPC is another field of information technology industry. In training, students can learn about PPC, AdWords, keywords and their targeting, campaigns, bidding, budget etc.

Above-mentioned industrial trainings can turn students into professionals, who are trained in their respective fields. After completing their course, trainees can find well-paid jobs in any IT company. Companies need trained professionals as much as professionals need jobs.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Get ready for a successful career with iPhone training

IPhone development is one of the most promising careers in IT industry. Jobs in this field are increasing rapidly. In upcoming years, the demand of developers will increase all over the world. The number of students, who want to build a career in IT industry, is also increasing.

For entering this profession, 6 weeks industrial training is necessary. This course can train students in:

Introduction –
In this training, trainees will get introduction about mobile application programing. In starting, students will be introduces to every aspect of iPhone. Introduction to iOS, integrated development environment (IDE) and MAC is given in this course.

Objective C - Objective C is a necessary part of mobile application development. Students are trained in the different concepts of language objective C such as syntax, classes, structures, operators, objects, inheritance, garbage collection, properties, framework classes, functions, loops, and memory management etc. Proper knowledge of Objective C is very helpful in further education.

MVC – In development, model view controller holds a very important role. For becoming developer, it is necessary for students to learn about MVC structure. They will learn about it, so that they can build mobile apps.

Tools – Like every other application development procedure, iPhone also needs several types of tools. Trainees get trained in various tools in course. Core frameworks are another part of this course.

iPhone SDK - SDK is one of the important tools in programing. Trainees will learn about the latest version of XCODE, view controllers, events actions, event handling, memory management, storyboarding integration and interface creation etc.

Advances – After completing basic training, students will learn more about advanced areas of apple’s phone development. They will learn about navigation controller, iPad specific split controllers, protocols, UITabbarcontroller, gesture recognition, categories, Bluetooth programming, accelerometer, iAD Integration and push notification etc.

In training, usually basics of iPhone, mobile application development, introduction to Objective C language, MAC, iOS, IDE, details about MVC architecture, user interface, controllers, technologies, etc., are included. In this course, trainees can get classroom as well as practical training. By working on actual projects, they can learn more about professional programing. In industrial course, trainees will get guidance from their teachers and seniors.

After completing training, one can easily get job at IT companies. This profession has unlimited opportunities for developers. With the increasing number of applications and increased competition, demand for developers is also increasing. Get enrolled today in iPhone course and get ready for a successful career.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Quality Industrial Training- The Key Ingredient of a Promising Career

Everyone enjoy duration of their studies at their university campus mainly because all they need to do is concentrate on their studies and there is no pressure of any workload. However, when they are about to finish their studies, they start feeling anxious because they are not sure about the things likely to happen in near future. It’s also the time when they need to finish their industrial training in order to give them experience of real-life working situations.

Students enjoy plenty of benefits from these programs and some of them are mentioned as below:

Professional Career:
All students at their university dream about their professional career that they always wanted and industrial training is an ideal platform to make their dreams come true. These programs give them an ideal opportunity show skills that they have gained during their studies and learn new skills required for their professional career.

Studying in a university and working in a reputable company, two completely different things altogether. Hence, their industrial training gives them the experience of actual corporate world that they need. They learn how to meet with agreed deadlines and commitments in order to finish assigned tasks.

Leadership Skills:
Every organization wants to hire employees that also have leadership skills apart from their technical skills. During their industrial training, they may become in charge of the live projects once or twice in a week to show and learn leadership skills.

One of the main advantages of these programs is that students can get placed in reputable companies by showing skills they have developed during their studies and industrial training. Many bright students get selected by multinational companies even during their education. For any student, there can’t be any better feeling than this.

However, when selecting a company for their 6 months industrial training, it is important for students to make sure that they find a reputable organization, instead of going with any available company. Look for organizations that are certified by reputed name such as Google, Bing and few others. It is always a good idea to visit the organization in person and meet with the concerned person, as it will give you a better understanding of the institute and set of rules they follow. Always ensure that they have latest technology and qualified staff to offer you the best.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Get tuned with industrial requirements via 6 months training program

Generally, universities do not provide industrial learning because emphasize is laid on theoretical subjects more there. This is where industrial training centers prove to be great, if wanting to get acquainted with latest industry requirements.

During the period of 6 weeks or 6 months of industrial training, students get to learn new technologies that are in need, if wanting to work in real working environment.

In addition to the technical skills, candidates are also groomed on communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills. These skills are equally important besides technical skills when applying for a job because industries prefer candidates who are good in both technical and personality skills.

Benefits of procuring 6 months industrial training from a reliable institute:

Gain industrial experience that imparts practical knowledge

Get to work on live projects, which is not likely there in colleges or universities

Implementation of theoretical knowledge in real time industry

Learn actual programming, coding, developing, and testing of the product

Good exposure to candidate boosts their confidence

Candidates become technically sound professional

Get to learn and work on latest technologies

Get answer to all doubts, which were questions in university

Good placement opportunity for trained candidates

Upgraded skills and techniques and in- depth knowledge of cutting edge technologies is imparted to students.

Successful completion of training provides certificate that proves to be beneficial for candidates in long run.

In addition to technical training aspects, many institutes provide overall development of candidate, which comprise of personality development sessions. Job interview preparation is also one aspect provided to students.

Various training modules that are taught in an institute and from which one module can be chosen as a career option by candidates is as follows:

Microsoft. Net
Web designing and development
iPhone development

Therefore, if you are interested in taking training in any of the above courses, you need to get enrolled in a reliable institute. Few aspects to consider, before enrolling your name is experience, renowned, modules taught, expert’s qualification, and fee.

In addition to this, never miss out to ask duration of training, as generally it can be from 6 weeks to 6 months. So, based on your timing preferences, choose either of the two. Lastly, ask for certificate after completion of training because it is necessary for a candidate to accumulate, if wanting to get job in a good industry.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Learn various things in PHP training and become a professional

In today’s website development industry, Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is one of the most used programming languages. This language is used worldwide for developing better and more secure websites. A person who wants to make a career in this field, can get join a PHP course in cities like Chandigarh.
At this training, you can learn many things such as:

About PHP – In this training, you can learn the basic concepts of this programming language. Starting from basics, you will learn about syntax, variables, strings etc. With every new day, you can study new things. In this course, you will get trained in basic to advanced concepts of this language.

HTML/DHTML – HTML and DHTML are important parts of website development and designing. It is necessary for you to get knowledge of these languages. You can also write Hypertext Preprocessor in HTML code, which makes development easier for developers. To become a professional in this field, you must have knowledge of HTML and DHTML.

JavaScript – JavaScript is an essential part of developing a website. It is necessary for a PHP developer to learn JavaScript too. Various functions are written in this language. It is derived from C. A person who already knows C will find in easy to understand JavaScript.

CSS and Ajax – Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used for styling the web page while Ajax is used for asynchronous web applications. Studying these two is also necessary for developers since both of these are important factors of website designing.

jQuery – jQuery is a library which works for JavaScript. It is one of the most popular libraries and used worldwide. It is used for various purposes such as to create animations and plug-ins etc. With the help of this library, you can create applications and dynamic web pages.

MySQL – MySQL is the relational database management system (RDBMS) used in PHP. Since it is necessary for developers to get the knowledge of databases, it will become necessary for you to learn MySQL.

Different CMSs –
In web development, content management systems (CMS) are establishing their name. Without studying these CMSs, you cannot become successful in this field. Drupal, Magento, Joomla! and Wordpress few of the most popular content management systems.

Framework –
Framework is a necessary part of development as well as of training. CakePHP is one of the most popular frameworks.

After completing training and learning all these important languages, systems etc., you will be ready start your career as a PHP developer.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Makes PHP, the Favorite Career Choice of Technology Gradates?

The web development is a huge landmark in the field of technology. There are around 240 million websites, which are availing the services of PHP. As a result, the demand of professionals has increased a manifold. To bridge this gap, many training institutes have come up to train the young blood.

The training course is equipped with various modules; these modules are of three types. In these various modules, a trainee is able to learn the basics of the course and in the advance level, there are sessions from IBM experts; these experts make an exclusive visit to centers to teach the trainees, the curriculum also includes hands-on training on live projects. A trainee is able to learn from examples as well. The description of these modules is as follows –

PHP 1 – Foundation -This is an introductory course, in which a student is able to learn the basics of the course. The basics help in building a strong foundation for professionals, moreover, loads of practice on coding-decoding of many applications. This is a type of exercise in which the learning foundation is build. The time allocated for this course is 2 to 3 weeks and it depends on the potential of a candidate as well.

PHP 2-The level 2 is a high-level module in which the candidate is allowed to handle key projects. These projects help in giving a sound exposure to them. However, trainees at any point of time can rectify the errors with the help of facilitators.

Preparing for the Certification-
The certification is a crucial step, which helps in making sure that the trainee is capable of becoming a certified PHP programmer. The certification helps in checking the in-depth knowledge of the student in the field of PHP.

Security-This is the overlooked factor in the world of developing. The reviewing of code lines is huge task at a later stage; however, it can be counter well in advance while developing.

The above course is available in your city as well. Many training centers offer PHP course in Chandigarh, where trainees can learn and become a professional in PHP.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What all is covered in SEO training?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps a website to get an ever-increasing stream of visitors, which eventually boosts the sales of a business.

However, to run this strategy successfully, experts are required which have through understanding of SEO and have gone through good SEO training program.

If you are interested in becoming an SEO expert, then you too need to go through a training program.

Following are the aspects covered in training program:

  • Working of search engines and various other aspects that are related to the website ranking are made to teach to trainees in the training program.
  • All SEO modules like keyword research, site structure, onsite SEO, PPC marketing, offsite SEO, website monetization, and more aspects are covered in the training program.
  • The courseware includes videos and slides that helps in gaining more knowledge about the SEO.
  • Many SEO institutes take extra efforts to make their students get aware with the latest changes and trends in SEO by sending them newsletters, conducting PPT's, conferences etc.
  • An interactive session is kept during the class so that students get to ask questions at any point of time. This also helps solve problems and enables exchange of ideas.
  • All webmasters in the institute are SEO-certified. Therefore, if you get enrolled in an institute candidate will get to learn from a good webmaster.
  • Real time experience is gained in training as student gets to practice on real websites. Proper developing of a SEO plan, establishing metrics and ROI, and then executing the plan all would be made to learn by students.
  • In addition to planning strategies, student will also learn analytics. It is a way to judge the performance level of websites after implementation of SEO strategies.

Therefore, these are the main benefits of SEO training. If you are interested in becoming one of the best SEO experts, then choose an institute with utmost care.
Despite of the fact that there are countless institutes in market, which provide SEO training course in Chandigarh, but you need to be picky, while making a choice of institute for training in any one of the area.

You need to stay cautious from fraud training institutes and choose one about which you have heard is good in delivering quality training.

Monday, June 16, 2014

iPhone Application Design : What are the new trends?

Every day, a new app is launched in the iPhone industry. There are millions of apps to download and use for iPhone users. It is a fast growing industry in which trends are always changing. The developers must keep an eye on the ever-changing trends to keep up with the market.

Here are some of the new trends in the app design:

Simple Interface – An app with simple interface is in trend nowadays. It makes it very easy to understand and use the application. All the complex features are out and design is much simpler in the new arrivals.

Flat Icons – Flat or simpler icons are also getting popular. In the new applications, you can see that the icons are simpler. They are not containing shadows or texture anymore. The developers are trying to keep it simple yet elegant. They are using more colors and experimenting with different shapes. These icons instantly attract attention yet they are elegant.

Swipe Menu – Using the swipe on side menu is the latest trends. There are lots of apps using this option. It makes the side menu more approachable yet trendy. There is always a menu on the side of your screen and you can use it with a single swipe. It gives you an option to use or ignore the menu. This is good way to utilize the space on the screen while making it easy to use.

Navigation – The developers are trying to develop applications in which it is easy for the users to navigate. Navigation is a big part of any application and it is necessary that the user knows how to navigate it. Whether it is a new or experienced user, easy navigation makes it easy to use and find.

Gestures – Gestures are getting popular in the application design. There are various gestures such as tap & hold, touch, pinch, tilt, pulling, wave etc. These gestures are used for different function in the app. It makes them more fun and interesting. It also makes it easy to use as well as interactive. It keeps the complexity of system well hidden and only appears when you want to use them.

Typography – It is becoming a new trend to use beautiful typography for the design. With a simpler design, fonts get the attention of user, so the developers are using fonts that leave its effects. Big yet simple fonts can change the whole look of the application.

Developers are following these new trends while developing an iPhone app and taking leap in their career. One can make a career in this field after getting Six Weeks iPhone Industrial Training. After completing the training, one can successfully develop apps.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Why learn PHP for Web Development?

PHP is a very popular server side programing language, which is used for web development. Personal Home Page was introduced in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf. Today it is known as Hypertext Preprocessor and one of the most popular scripting languages used by developers to create websites.

The demand for it is growing every day and there will be plenty of jobs in this field. Web Development is a fast growing field and it is demanding professionals to perform the tasks. One, who wants to make a career in web development field, can get 6 Weeks PHP Training in Chandigarh or any city, as per your geographical preferences. After completing training, one can easily find a job.

Developers all over the world are working with PHP to create secure dynamic web pages and its qualities helps in making their work easy.

Here are some reasons why developers prefer PHP for websites development:

1. This language is very easy to manage. For the developers, working with it, is considered easy and its syntax is influenced by Perl, C, C++, Java. Professionals, who have knowledge and experience of these, can easily understand and manage PHP.

2. PHP can be used with Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and with this mix, you can create dynamic web pages.

3. This language is free of cost and anyone can download it for free. From a learner to a professional, it is very easy to get it without stressing about budget.

4. It can runs on almost all the operating systems and platforms available like Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac OS.

5. It supports all the popular databases like MySQL, Mysqli, MS SQL, Informix, Oracle, dBase, FrontBase, Paradox, IBM DB2, SQLite3, PostgreSQL and many more.

6. It’s processing is very fast and it makes easier to develop websites. It works on the server side and that is why its loading time is reduced.

7. It has many levels for the security purpose. It can easily protect from viruses, threats and malicious attacks.

8. It is user friendly and flexible programing language. One can easily make changes into its syntax and learn new things. Its flexibility gives us opportunity to change and modify the code before or after development.

9. This server side scripting language supports almost all web servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, iPlanet server etc.

10. Its developers The PHP Group always keeps it updated. It is never too outdated to work with. There are always new changes and updates are available to modify it. It will work with different applications and platforms with new updates.

Monday, April 7, 2014

How industrial training can help groom one’s career?

Are you done with your degree of graduation or post-graduation and now looking forward for good training program that would provide you lucrative job options?

If the answer to the question is yes, then you must go for industrial training program. Thinking, why? Well, to get clear idea about this question, you must read the article further-

Keep up to date

In order to match up with the pace of competition, it is important to work hard. However, besides putting sheer efforts, it is also important to be updated, which is only possible, if one keeps on studying or for that matter pursue training respective to the trend of market. Hence, training proves to be an optimal option.

Learn new skills

No matter how high qualified degree programs one has pursued, likewise, it is important to be updated, it is also important to learn new skills and techniques that will help an individual in coming future. In order to be updated with the latest market trends of IT, it is important to learn new skills, which can be possible, if one goes for Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh.

Learn new tricks

In order to stand apart from others who have just pursued degree’s, it’s best to go for training program. One will get to learn new techniques and tricks that will benefit an individual in coming future.

Enhanced job opportunities

Undoubtedly, degree help get good job opportunities for candidates, but if, attained industrial training as well; it adds on to the opportunity of lucrative job options. Today, many IT companies prefer candidates who have done training, this is because the candidate with training would be up-to-date, skilled and clear about the needs of industries irrespective to the candidate who haven’t pursued training.

Increase in pay scale

Increase in job opportunities; definitely increase the salary package or pay scale of an individual. Where prime motive of many candidates is to earn good income in their coming future, for them training is bliss. Within a short period of time and by paying just few bucks of money (fee), one can grab good and beneficial opportunities.

From the aforementioned points, you must have got sheer idea about the importance of industrial training. So, if you or your dear ones have completed their studies, then they must go for this lucrative option. It is totally a win-win situation, you will get to learn only that will help you out in future and subsequently help groom your career.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Get shortlisted for best PPC jobs, here is how!

One of the most lucrative career options online is that of pay per click more often known by the acronym PPC. This job profile in the field of information technology and online marketing is not very complicated and can be mastered with right practice and by learning right techniques and tricks.

Here is a brief description of what PPC professionals do. What they do is place advertisement links for a particular product in order to drive traffic towards the targeted site. The profit made in between by user clicks and final sales is the commission which is paid to these professionals. This was a brief job overview, but to perform that, it requires some training and practice.

With that being said you must be wondering how one can learn the techniques of PPC advertising and earn lucrative wages by pursuing it as a career option. One of the best approaches would be going for a good industrial training program in Chandigarh. These industrial programs are offered by IT companies that provide professional pay per click advertising services.

There is no specific college education required for commencing a career in this field. All it requires is a graduate’s degree and you are good to go. Therefore, the first stepping stone towards securing excellent salary package is to work first with an information technology company in your locality to learn the art and science of how online business, marketing and advertsing is done.

Instead of learning PPC on your own by following the trial and error approach, it is better to work under the supervision of a senior who has good experience in this field. The advantage of it is that the trainee gets benefit from his senior’s experience and avoid mistakes which are commonly committed by new candidates unaware of how ads are placed and other job details.

If you want to pursue this profile as a long term career option, then make sure to undergo practical training with one of the reputed companies in Chandigarh. The practical exposure and knowledge is not possible via theoretical knowledge or any other form of training program.

As candidates get to work directly on real time projects, they gain professional experience which would help them demand higher salary package during interviews. Employers prefer experienced candidates, and if you undergo industrial training, it will definitely give a big boost to your PPC career.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Shape your SEO career with right industrial training!

The decision of embarking a career in the field of search engine optimization is a promising one. The work responsibility of someone in this area would be working towards placing a websites among top search engine results. SEO professionals have to use a variety of techniques and tasks in order make a website achieve top ranking by bringing it number one position among all the leading search engines.

Before beginning a career in this field, you will need to first complete basic education before you could send your resumes to leading employers. However, there is no set criterion to become an SEO expert. The truth is, most of the leading professionals in this job are self-taught who mastered the skills and techniques from their own practical experience.

So it will not be wrong to say that the only thing you need, to leave a positive impression in the eyes of potential employers is have practical experience. That experience cannot be better gained than by working with an SEO company itself.

The field of search engine optimization is highly sought after by the youth of cities like Chandigarh and Mohali. A large number of college students are choosing this profession after completing their college education and graduation courses. Majority of candidates find it best to first go through practical learning with the help of industrial training and courses offered by companies before applying for a job.

This way, they get access to better paying jobs, work with bigger companies and better work environment. It is not necessary to undergo this type of industrial training, but it is always recommended. Undergoing training authenticates your ability and skills in your area. The duration of the training can vary as per the company. A six month industrial training in Chandigarh is supposed to be ideal if you wish to be successful in the field of search engine optimization.

Companies usually prefer to hire candidates who do not need to be trained for weeks before they would actually start yielding benefits as a steady employee. That is the reason any employer would prefer a candidate who has mentioned industrial training on his resume in comparison with someone who is new to the field of SEO. So it is highly recommended to every aspiring candidate who wants to enjoy lucrative wages and successful career in this area, to first go through industrial training.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Develop your skills through advanced SEO training

In this time of increasing unemployment, the IT sector seems to be jam-packed with highly paid positions for Search Engine Optimization specialists.

SEO specialists are the IT professionals that are skilled to improve website rankings in search engine’s search results. The reason behind increasing demand of such experts in the respective industry is that they are know-how to the techniques and tricks of an effective SEO.

SEO is a collective phase of various techniques designed to get high ranks for websites with various search engines. In order to bring a website on the top positions, it is important for an individual to understand various search engine specifics. Here, SEO training plays a significant role.

If you are looking forward to make your career in rapidly growing field of IT, then search engine optimization can be a better choice. If you are either persuing your degree or have completed your study then you can join accredited SEO training program in areas like Mohali. In the next sections, we will understand how this training is beneficial.

This training course covers many website optimization methods that are essential to carry out successful SEO. This field involves the use of many abbreviations and industry specific terminologies. The training help you understand such terminologies and to develop an effective web optimization plan. In other case, if you are a business owner and want to hire professionals to fulfill your online business’s optimization requirements, the understanding of field related terminologies helps you pick the right service provider for your needs.

A typical SEO training program involve various topics such as introduction of search engine optimization, introduction to Google algorithm updates, overview of internet market, Google analytics, introduction to on-page and off-page optimization, Social Media Optimization, knowledge of Website and competitor analysis etc.

These courses are designed in such a way that you will get hold on latest updates and strategies necessary to make your SEO campaign successful. It is important to inform you that bad optimization practices can cause negative impacts on the hard earned business image and make your online presence spam.

Training teaches you to perform optimization following the rules and regulations. In addition to learning important methods, tips and tricks such as link building, keyword selection etc., you will also learn to use advanced Webmaster tools.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Finding the right industrial training to kick start a career in SEO

At a time where unemployment seems to be striking every work field in the economy, the field of SEO seems to be laden with amazingly well paying jobs, with great potential for future growth. A large number of people are enthusiastically opting for this field. Search engine optimization is largely credited for generating amazing employment opportunities in the field of information technology and especially online marketing.

Although it is a highly growing field, yet the rate of success and the quality of job that you stumble down to, will depend entirely on your skills and level of knowledge. The only way to secure an edge over other competitors in this field, and to make the potential employers choose you over others, is via undergoing industrial training programs for this field.

That is the reason, to secure knowledge and remain updated about this field; candidates are choosing to undergo SEO training in Panchkula. SEO is a very wide field and to able to earn big bucks, it is highly essential to grasp all its aspects.

Industrial training is not about cramming books, it is all about practicality and applying what you learn in reality. These programs begin with the basics of search engine optimization, working its way towards the hard core concepts.

Whenever looking for one such course, go for those which are run by professionals currently practicing the techniques of SEO. The reason is, this field is ever-changing and every day, new guidelines and updates are released. What may be in trend today may become ineffective the very next day. That is why; someone who used to practice SEO is not likely to train you about the fresh concepts and knowledge of SEO.

The goal of one such course is to utilize resources and tools for optimizing small to mid-sized websites for search queries and crafting strategies for audience expansion. A good course will be able to answer following questions:

  • How search engines rank websites and crawl them

  • Keyword research concepts

  • Various tools available for free researching and how to use them

  • Ideal placement of keywords on a website

  • Content strategy

  • Influence of social medial on search engine optimization

  • Role of links and link building

  • How a website architecture affects search engine optimization

  • Training comprises the above-mentioned aspects, and will create a strong foundation for a healthy career in this field.

Undergoing a quality SEO training program in Panchkula, should be your first step towards beginning a career in this ever-changing field.