Friday, November 28, 2014

How Industrial Training Grooms the IT Skills?

In professional courses like BCA, B.Tech, MCA, B.Sc. (IT), M.Sc. (IT), Industrial trainings are necessary. These trainings will not only pertains to campus placements but also fetch them a financially rewarding career.

How it helps to groom the skills of upcoming professionals:


During the training period students get an opportunity to get familiar with the working environment and can prepare them accordingly.

These trainings continue for almost six months and during those six months students get an opportunity to experience live projects, which enhances the basic concepts and over all knowledge.    

During those six months industrial training, weather it is in Chandigarh or in any other city through India, students can enjoy real life experience and sometime, if the company is  impressed with their  hard work and dedication, they hires them under  good salary package.

Students get an opportunity to work under highly qualified and experienced industrial professionals. Their experience and guidance is doubtlessly fruitful for trainees.

These trainings helps students to get prepared for campus placement interviews, Because during the training period apart from practical knowledge students are given personality development classes, where they are taught various tips to crack the interviews more effectively

There are various fields under I.T sector such as PHP developing, Software Developing, Testing, Web Designing, etc once you go through a proper training, you can easily decide one specific field, which you feel yourself comfortable with.

Here students can fundamentally practice those things, which they have red in books and also gets a chance to present their knowledge and creativity.
Why students need Industrial training?

These training are necessary to enhance student’s communication skills. They get an opportunity to expose their skills and share their innovative ideas in front of superiors and high authority people.

It increases the work-related opportunities for students, because most of the companies hire these students after seeing their enthusiasm and willingness to learn and explore their knowledge.

It helps students to obtain and improves their workplace knowledge and skills. They can practice academic knowledge in real practical world

From the above discussion, it is clear that industrial training fetch lots of benefits to I.T students. It grooms their personality make them more confident, open minded and innovative. At the end you will definitely be prepared to work in any challenging and competitive environment. If you are an I.T aspirant and planning to take such training, be careful while choosing training organization. Always go for those who are certified and can provide you a certificate at the end.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Perspective behind Pursuing Industrial Training

To meet the abreast industry standards, it has become very important for students to go for industrial training. Be it any sector, training has become a part of curriculum these days.

However, many may still not consider it important, probably they are not aware of the objectives behind pursuing IT course.

If you are one amongst those candidates, then you must read the following points to know the objective behind pursuing IT training:

Work on real lifetime projects: The foremost benefit of going for training program is gaining hands on experience on real time projects of web services. This is entirely a different experience for students because studies imparted in colleges or universities are entirely different to that of industrial courses.

Improve learning ability and skills: Enhancement in knowledge and skills is possible through IT courses. Things learnt in colleges or university is improved via it, when students work on live projects and in a real industrial environment.

Work in real industry environment: With industrial training, students get exposure of the real working industry environment. They get acquaint with organizational structure, companies norms, operations and administrative functions.

Develop personality skills: Apart being technical sound, personality skills are also improved. Candidates learn how to behave in industry, handle tasks, and communicate with higher authorities and colleagues. 

Work in time bound projects: Meeting demands on time is very important in IT sector. Therefore, time value is taught to students, so that they gain experience of working in time bound projects.

Learn execution of projects: Students can get familiar with the project. Basics, requirements, and full-fledged programs are shared with the candidates that help them out in executing the projects successfully.

From the above aspects, you must have got an idea about the benefits of it. If you thought industrial training is sheer wastage of time and money, then you were mistaken. Going for IT course will help enhance your skills.

If interested in getting six months industrial training in SEO,.Net, Java, software quality testing, PHP, pay per click, reputation management, ERP, data warehousing, SAS, embedded systems, VLSI, Linux, databases, banner, logo and graphic design, CMS etc. you must find a reliable training center.

If you want to become a qualified IT professional, you need to seek for a good institute, which is reliable for providing quality training in web services.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What all skills are improved in six months industrial training?

Industrial firms always look for candidates who have work experience in addition to the paper qualification. Thus, industrial training has become fundamental for students, while pursuing higher education.

This is the reason why more and more students are today going for six months industrial training in order to translate their knowledge gained in colleges into practical form.
Here are few skills that are improved through industrial training-

Communication skills- In agreement to classroom and practical training, it is important to be good in communication. Therefore, candidates pursuing training are also given training on how to improve their communication skills. Ability to transmit information in best possible way will help you to make other understand your views, which will likely guarantee your long-term success in the company.

Technical skills- Motive of students to pursue industrial training is to become technically sound. Majority of colleges are incapable of providing practical training to students, this is why candidates go for industrial training. During the practical learning program, candidates get opportunity to work on live projects, which helps enhance their learning ability.

Team-working skills- Besides gaining hand over technical skills, team working skills also get improves. Students get to learn how to work in a team and maintain decorum of the office. Subsequently, this will make things easy for candidates when they will get place in IT industry.

Problem solving skills- Multiple tasks or jobs will be given to students during training that will help improve their thinking skill. This will make things easy for candidates when they will get numerous tasks in real working industry (because they will be able to handle all the tasks efficiently).

Professional ethical skills- Dress code and punctuality are two professional ethical things on which a candidate needs to standby. This will give a professional look to the organization.

From the aforementioned points, you must have got an idea what skills you can improve through practical training program. So, if you to want to be technically sound, go for internship. It will not just help improve your knowledge but also bring in more job opportunities for you.

Before you make your decision of choosing a training institute, make sure they are best in the industry. Few factors that you need to count upon are experience, past students experience, credibility, authorization, and qualification of lecturers.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Industrial Training- Why You Should Choose a Company Over Institute?

Today, majority of the employers are looking for employees that are ready to step into the professional world, and require no training. This is the reason why from last few years, importance of industrial training programs has increased significantly. Hence, it has becomes an integral part of the curriculum and technical engineering programs.

Every student needs to undergo these training programs in order to enhance their qualification and practical skills before they step in the corporate environment. These training programs are designed to give them an opportunity to groom themselves and step ahead towards their dream future.

However, whenever you decide to start your 6 month training in Chandigarh, you need to make sure that you should select an IT company, instead of going with an institute. There are many quality reasons that why you should prefer a company over institute.

Employers have adopted new hiring model, instead of using outdated hiring methods. Thus, they    prefer students with some corporate experience under their belt.

Most of the times, main focus of the institutes remains on theoretically knowledge only, where as in an organization they can receive equal share of both practical and theoretically training.

When students join their industrial training at a company, they are not treated like students and are given opportunities to explore and perform work on corporate projects using professional tools.

Performing work under IT professional with years of experience gives them more self-confidence and belief to experiment new things.

After finishing 6 months industrial training, students also receive an experience letter from the IT organization, which gives them immense benefit in their upcoming professional arena.

Students receive training on latest technology and a chance to work on live projects. It also gives them a chance to discover their hidden potential and show the skills that they have developed during their studies.

Most of the reputable organizations also provide employability test and skills assessment to ensure the progress an efficiency of the training programs.

You can gain more benefits from your industrial training, but only if you have selected a right company with a training program of your interest. Hence, it becomes extremely important for students to carefully find a reputable and certified organization to complete their training. Always make sure that the company has a proven track record and there are no negative reviews against them. You can also ask them about previous student’s reference to be more sure.