Thursday, February 26, 2015

What are the 3 keystones of the industrial training?

To become an IT expert, it is crucial for every candidate to procure industrial training. Be it developer, designer, iPhone developer, and SEO analyst, industrial training in technologies like .Net, PHP, SEO, iPhone application and more necessary to procure.
If you are wondering, how different is industrial training from other programs; listed below are the three cornerstones of the industrial training-
Technical skills
Getting acquaint with technical knowledge is must in order to become an IT expert. This is the core part of training. Candidates procure technical knowledge in current technologies like .Net, PHP, iPhone, SEO and PPC. Complete knowledge is provided in the training that helps them become masters of the IT field.
Soft Skills
With procuring of technical skills, there are other skills equally important for a candidate to procure. This is because of the competition in market that is rising day by day in the IT industry. Hence, with technical skills, being sound in soft skills is also important. Candidate looking for a job in IT industry needs to have a good personality, confident and well spoken.
To build these skills in candidate, mock interviews and group discussions are conducted.
With the completion of training, candidates look for job in the industry. These institutes prove to be of great help. Besides providing training, they help in getting placement opportunities to students. Thus, this makes their dream to work in an IT company come true.
After understanding the core stone, following are few benefits of pursuing six weeks industrial training in Mohali or elsewhere is-
  • Students get prepared to face the industry and tough competition. In other words, industrial training makes students 'industry ready'.
  • Candidates get to work in top IT companies.
  • Training is industry professionals.
  • Good infrastructure with equipped systems, library, recreational room, and cafeteria is provided to students.
  • Certificate is provided at the end of training candidate.
  • Students gain knowledge about core technical skills.
  • Personality development is done in the training
  • Candidate’s soft skills are improved.
  • Besides technical and personality development skills, team working is taught. This helps candidate to learn how to work in a team and handle a team.
  • Get guaranteed placement assistance after completion of training.
  • Improvement in skills, thinking, and problem solving skills.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

What kind of training should you expect from industrial training companies?

Industrial training is quite important to procure these days, in order to meet up with the pace of competition. Students willing to make their career in IT industry require putting in their best efforts and study hard. This is where alongside pursing education from college, quality training is required to be procured from IT training center.
Studies procured in colleges are quite different from studies imparted in industrial training center. Emphasize is given on both classroom and hands on training in institutes. There are a lot of differences between industrial training and college studies. However, many may not understand the difference probably they are not aware with the training imparted in institutes.
If you too think alike, here are few points that will help you make understand how training is different from college studies and on the same hand necessary to procure. Let us read to understand the difference-
Unique training program- Unique learning and training is imparted in institutes, which makes it different from college studies. Where in college emphasize is mainly on the curriculum, but going through training from an institute helps students gain more knowledge and understanding about the course. The way teaching is imparted in institutes is unique and helps students grab more knowledge, which eventually help them get better job opportunities.
Practical lab approach- The best of industrial training institutes is they follow a practical approach to make students learn new things. This is very uncommon in colleges because they emphasize totally on completing the curriculum. Hands on training alongside classroom training are provided that helps students gain more knowledge and prepare them for their future.
Comprehensive curricula- The curriculum of institute is also different from college studies. Considering the increasing competition, institute prepare curriculum of the class accordingly. They make sure to cover all the important topics and subjects that are necessary for students to learn.
Infrastructure- With quality education, infrastructure of institute too plays an important role. Well maintained classrooms to auditorium, library, cafeteria, computer rooms, keeps students enthusiastic.
Wide training options- Institutes provide industrial training in various technologies like .Net, PHP, QA, iPhone, Android and Java. PHP training institute in Chandigarh or elsewhere lasts for either 6 weeks or 6 months, depending on individual’s interest to procure education. In both the training program, both classroom and hands on training sessions are provided.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Are You Searching for Quality Reasons to join industrial training?

Industrial training is a crucial element of the curriculum for IT students doing courses and degrees such as BCA, MCA, B.Tech, B.SC (IT) etc. Today many employers significantly consider this element before appointing new people. This is the reason why most of the industrial training programs or courses are designed to suit the needs of the industry. These programs give them opportunity to learn the skills that help them to meet with all preferred requirements of the employers.
However, if you are searching for a reliable place to complete your 6 month industrial training, it is essential to look for a company instead of institute. You can enjoy numerous benefits by completing your training from these companies, as they have experts of the industry working from years. However, if you are one of those students that believe that industrial training is not a mandatory requirement, you must go through information given below to give it another thought.
  • Industrial training is the best platform for students to practice the fundamentals and concepts that they have learned during their studies.
  • It gives them an opportunity to work on live projects, which encourages practical based learning. They get a chance to handle these projects under the guidance of industry professionals.
  • It also gives them a chance to gain specialized knowledge of latest technology that can be extremely beneficial for their career in future.
  • Complete training under the corporate environment also helps to learn workplace ethics and rules that they will need to comply with throughout their professional career.
  • These training courses also help students to improve their communication skills and achieve more self-belief. Moreover, it gives them the confidence to manage things on their own.
  • Students can also receive a certification after their training, which gives employers assurance that you can get started with the work straightaway without any special instructions.
  • These training programs also include various activities that are particularly designed to help students clear their interviews in the better manner.
If you still have any doubts or concerns, you must find a reputable IT firm that provides industrial training programs in order to receive detailed information. These companies can also assist you in selecting an appropriate course based on your personal interest.