Monday, June 16, 2014

iPhone Application Design : What are the new trends?

Every day, a new app is launched in the iPhone industry. There are millions of apps to download and use for iPhone users. It is a fast growing industry in which trends are always changing. The developers must keep an eye on the ever-changing trends to keep up with the market.

Here are some of the new trends in the app design:

Simple Interface – An app with simple interface is in trend nowadays. It makes it very easy to understand and use the application. All the complex features are out and design is much simpler in the new arrivals.

Flat Icons – Flat or simpler icons are also getting popular. In the new applications, you can see that the icons are simpler. They are not containing shadows or texture anymore. The developers are trying to keep it simple yet elegant. They are using more colors and experimenting with different shapes. These icons instantly attract attention yet they are elegant.

Swipe Menu – Using the swipe on side menu is the latest trends. There are lots of apps using this option. It makes the side menu more approachable yet trendy. There is always a menu on the side of your screen and you can use it with a single swipe. It gives you an option to use or ignore the menu. This is good way to utilize the space on the screen while making it easy to use.

Navigation – The developers are trying to develop applications in which it is easy for the users to navigate. Navigation is a big part of any application and it is necessary that the user knows how to navigate it. Whether it is a new or experienced user, easy navigation makes it easy to use and find.

Gestures – Gestures are getting popular in the application design. There are various gestures such as tap & hold, touch, pinch, tilt, pulling, wave etc. These gestures are used for different function in the app. It makes them more fun and interesting. It also makes it easy to use as well as interactive. It keeps the complexity of system well hidden and only appears when you want to use them.

Typography – It is becoming a new trend to use beautiful typography for the design. With a simpler design, fonts get the attention of user, so the developers are using fonts that leave its effects. Big yet simple fonts can change the whole look of the application.

Developers are following these new trends while developing an iPhone app and taking leap in their career. One can make a career in this field after getting Six Weeks iPhone Industrial Training. After completing the training, one can successfully develop apps.