Friday, October 31, 2014

Acquire technical skills by pursuing industrial training from a Professional Company

Looking into the growing competition in the IT sector these days, the need to pursue industrial training has become essentially important.

Prime benefits of procuring industrial training are the skills and competencies students acquire. These skills are long-life assets for recipients, which cannot be vanished with time. This is because of the interlinking of acquired skills and knowledge that are put into use while performing jobs.

Besides this, several other benefits are there of six months industrial training in Chandigarh that help students to enhance their technical skills:

A blend of theoretical and practical knowledge provided to students that help them to work efficiently in the real industry.

Real hands on experience is gained, which is not possible in theoretical classes of colleges or universities (because practical experience is lacking there).

Students get exposure of environment as well, in which they will eventually work after the completion of training. Hence, this enables them to see their future profession-working place and environment.

Students with non-technical background can also pursue industrial training in courses like web development, designing, iPhone development and more.

Candidates get acquainted with latest technology like equipment, tools, processes etc. that enable them to cope up with the pace of technological changes being made in IT sector.

Not just candidates benefit from this, but it is the national development as well. Productivity increases, which brings good name for the country.

Personal attributes develop such as presentation skills, creativity, leadership, time management, and interpersonal skills.

The overall environment and working culture of industrial training makes students prepare for employment. This brings in easy transformation from college to real working environment.

A bridge between the knowledge acquired from college and the training institute is build, which is must for work organizations.

The overall knowledge gained from the training institutes help students to get good job opportunities. This is because many IT organizations look for candidates who are well trained in this aspect.

Reading the aforementioned aspects, you must have got an idea how the IT training is helpful for candidates who want to explore their skills and do good in future.

But before getting enroll in a training institute, make sure they are expertise in training students with latest technologies. This is must in order to cope up with the pace of competition growing these days.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

3 Cornerstones of Industrial Training in Chandigarh and Its Benefits!

If you want to be an expert developer, designer, or SEO analyst, industrial training in relevant technology is essential.

Following are the three cornerstones on which many industrial training institutes emphasize on:

Core technical skills

Trainees are empowered with the in-depth knowledge of the selected field, which helps them to learn the advanced concepts and trends of their field. Mostly, trainees are trained by seasoned veterans of the selected field.

Soft Skills

Technical skills are not just enough for a success in the competitive IT industry. In agreement to it, soft skills are must to procure. Candidate needs to have a good personality, so that the candidate can carry himself or herself well in the industrial environment.

Mock interviews and group discussions are conducted to build up confidence, which help students provide tremendous workplace exposure.


After completion of training, institutes provide 100% placement opportunities to students that allow them to work in their dream company.

Proper database is maintained and special attention is paid on the placement of students.

Benefits of pursuing six months industrial training in Chandigarh-

Industrial training makes students 'industry ready' that helps in getting good job opportunities.

Candidate gets hired by top IT companies, where they might have dreamt working.

Instructions are provided by industry professionals who are specialized in their key areas.

Superb infrastructure with state-of-the- art systems, library, recreation room and cafeteria that makes students even more enthusiastic about their studies.

With the end of training candidate gets professional certification of their course, which helps in obtaining lucrative jobs.

Students get expertise with core technical skills. In addition, they get trained in personality development and soft skills. Overall, in accordance to covering technical part for completing a project, professional ethic skills are taught to teach students how to maintain decorum of the industry.

Besides technical and personality development skills, team-working skills are taught that helps candidate to learn few tactics about how to handle a team or how to work in a team.

Get guaranteed placement assistance, which helps provide tremendous job opportunities.

Improvement in critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Confused over industrial training? Get to know various options!

IT industry is growing with every day. This growth is increasing the demand of trained professionals in information technology field. Many students want to make a career in IT sector; therefore, they do not get proper guidance. However, many of them know about 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh or any city, which works as a gateway to successful career.

If you are interested in IT field and want to get a proper industrial training, then you will get many options. These many options may confuse but you must be clear on what you want. In any institute, you will get following options in industrial training:

PHP – PHP is one of the most popular programming languages, which is widely used for web development. Students can complete their PHP training and build a successful career in IT industry. In this course, topics like introduction to PHP, server, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL are included CakePHP. Topics of CMSs like Wordpress, Magento and Joomla are also included in this course.

iPhone – iPhone development is a growing market, which will offer many jobs in upcoming years. In iPhone course, trainees can learn about Objective C, mobile application development, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), iOS, MAC development, Model View Controller (MVC) and many more topics related to iPhone.

Microsoft.NET – .Net is developed by Microsoft and used worldwide by IT companies. In this course, students can learn about ASP.NET, VB.Net, languages like C++, C Sharp and Advanced C# etc. Many institutes also cover topics like Visual Studio, which is an integrated development environment of .Net. Microsoft.NET can offer a promising career in the information technology field.

SEO – Search engine optimization is a field of internet marketing. It is growing rapidly and so is the number of jobs in SEO. Students who want to become a SEO profession must get enrolled in proper course. In this program, topics like on and off page optimization, Google Analytics, Google Algorithm, rankings, SMO, and link building are covered. Research and analysis of websites, competition, keywords etc., are also included in this course.

PPC – Pay per click, or commonly known as PPC is another field of information technology industry. In training, students can learn about PPC, AdWords, keywords and their targeting, campaigns, bidding, budget etc.

Above-mentioned industrial trainings can turn students into professionals, who are trained in their respective fields. After completing their course, trainees can find well-paid jobs in any IT company. Companies need trained professionals as much as professionals need jobs.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Get ready for a successful career with iPhone training

IPhone development is one of the most promising careers in IT industry. Jobs in this field are increasing rapidly. In upcoming years, the demand of developers will increase all over the world. The number of students, who want to build a career in IT industry, is also increasing.

For entering this profession, 6 weeks industrial training is necessary. This course can train students in:

Introduction –
In this training, trainees will get introduction about mobile application programing. In starting, students will be introduces to every aspect of iPhone. Introduction to iOS, integrated development environment (IDE) and MAC is given in this course.

Objective C - Objective C is a necessary part of mobile application development. Students are trained in the different concepts of language objective C such as syntax, classes, structures, operators, objects, inheritance, garbage collection, properties, framework classes, functions, loops, and memory management etc. Proper knowledge of Objective C is very helpful in further education.

MVC – In development, model view controller holds a very important role. For becoming developer, it is necessary for students to learn about MVC structure. They will learn about it, so that they can build mobile apps.

Tools – Like every other application development procedure, iPhone also needs several types of tools. Trainees get trained in various tools in course. Core frameworks are another part of this course.

iPhone SDK - SDK is one of the important tools in programing. Trainees will learn about the latest version of XCODE, view controllers, events actions, event handling, memory management, storyboarding integration and interface creation etc.

Advances – After completing basic training, students will learn more about advanced areas of apple’s phone development. They will learn about navigation controller, iPad specific split controllers, protocols, UITabbarcontroller, gesture recognition, categories, Bluetooth programming, accelerometer, iAD Integration and push notification etc.

In training, usually basics of iPhone, mobile application development, introduction to Objective C language, MAC, iOS, IDE, details about MVC architecture, user interface, controllers, technologies, etc., are included. In this course, trainees can get classroom as well as practical training. By working on actual projects, they can learn more about professional programing. In industrial course, trainees will get guidance from their teachers and seniors.

After completing training, one can easily get job at IT companies. This profession has unlimited opportunities for developers. With the increasing number of applications and increased competition, demand for developers is also increasing. Get enrolled today in iPhone course and get ready for a successful career.