Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Which Major Topics You Get To Learn In Seo & Ppc Industrial Training?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) are a part of digital marketing. These are one of the highly regarded IT careers that have numerous job and career opportunities. Many aspiring candidates enter these professions each year due to many job opportunities. However, like many other IT fields, you need 6 months industrial training for these professions too.

In a SEO & PPC industrial training, students get the chance to learn following topics –

  • On page optimization – It is an essential topic, which is taught in the search engine optimization. Trainees learn about the factors that affect a website’s rankings in SERPs. In this category, students get to learn how to work on online aspects like website, meta tags, keywords and more.
  • Off page optimization – It is another aspect that affects a website’s ranking in SERPs. In industrial training, trainees get to learn about techniques that can improve these rankings. It includes techniques like social bookmarking, link popularity, social networking, blogging and more.
  • Google Analytics – It is an important part of SEO. This is the reason why it is included in the industrial training. Trainees learn about Google Analytics and how it is used in search engine optimization.
  • SMO – Social media optimization (SMO) is another topic that trainees can learn in this training. They learn why social media is important and how it can be used in SEO. It is an essential aspect when it comes to a web page’s ranking in search engine result pages.
  • Google Algorithm Updates – Google changes its algorithm with Panda and Penguin updates. In the industrial training, students learn about these updates and how they affect SEO. They are also taught how to tackle issues caused by these updates or how to avoid penalties.

  • AdWords – Google AdWords is an essential part of pay per click. In this category, students learn how to use AdWords to advertise a business or a brand.
  • Keywords targeting – In PPC industrial training, trainees also learn about the keyword targeting, which is a vital aspect in this IT field. They learn each topic including how to research for keywords or how to create an effective keyword list for project.
  • Creating ads and campaigns – Learning about the PPC ads and campaigns is also included in this program.
    Budget and bidding – Students also get the chance to learn about budget and bidding.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tips For Choosing The Best Institute For Industrial Training In PHP

PHP developers are those professionals who are expert in developing websites and web applications in the IT industry. PHP is one of the most commonly used scripting languages in the It industry as a result the demand of these professionals is increasing rapidly. Many students are opting for industrial training in PHP after their studies.
However, for a successful future career in this field, you need to have a proper training in this field as it will guide you and prepare you for the tasks of the job of a developer. However, it is very important for you to find the best PHP institutes in Chandigarh or any other area where you live.
Here are some of the tips that will help you to find the right institute for industrial training in this scripting language-
  • Know about the history of the institute- While looking for an institute for industrial training, make sure to check the track record and background of the institute. You need to know about the history of the institute, which may also include the feedback from other students. Check their program list, student histories, replacement etc. Make sure to choose the one with good and a positive track record or history in PHP training.
  • Experienced staff and faculty- This is one of the major aspects that you need to consider while looking for an institute in your area. Make sure that the institute you choose has highly qualifies, experienced and trained staff that will help in providing just the right knowledge on the particular scripting language. Therefore, do not forget to check the experience, qualification etc of the teachers.
  • Check the infrastructure and other facilities of the institute- Make sure that the institute you choose gives access to all the hi-end updated technologies and other learning resources, which may include library, books, computers, online learning resources etc.
  • Training on live projects- Apart from covering the regular necessary topics, make sure that the institute also provides training on live projects. Working on live projects will provide you experience and will also give you insight about the work in the corporate world. Furthermore, this will also help you with your job.