Wednesday, October 15, 2014

3 Cornerstones of Industrial Training in Chandigarh and Its Benefits!

If you want to be an expert developer, designer, or SEO analyst, industrial training in relevant technology is essential.

Following are the three cornerstones on which many industrial training institutes emphasize on:

Core technical skills

Trainees are empowered with the in-depth knowledge of the selected field, which helps them to learn the advanced concepts and trends of their field. Mostly, trainees are trained by seasoned veterans of the selected field.

Soft Skills

Technical skills are not just enough for a success in the competitive IT industry. In agreement to it, soft skills are must to procure. Candidate needs to have a good personality, so that the candidate can carry himself or herself well in the industrial environment.

Mock interviews and group discussions are conducted to build up confidence, which help students provide tremendous workplace exposure.


After completion of training, institutes provide 100% placement opportunities to students that allow them to work in their dream company.

Proper database is maintained and special attention is paid on the placement of students.

Benefits of pursuing six months industrial training in Chandigarh-

Industrial training makes students 'industry ready' that helps in getting good job opportunities.

Candidate gets hired by top IT companies, where they might have dreamt working.

Instructions are provided by industry professionals who are specialized in their key areas.

Superb infrastructure with state-of-the- art systems, library, recreation room and cafeteria that makes students even more enthusiastic about their studies.

With the end of training candidate gets professional certification of their course, which helps in obtaining lucrative jobs.

Students get expertise with core technical skills. In addition, they get trained in personality development and soft skills. Overall, in accordance to covering technical part for completing a project, professional ethic skills are taught to teach students how to maintain decorum of the industry.

Besides technical and personality development skills, team-working skills are taught that helps candidate to learn few tactics about how to handle a team or how to work in a team.

Get guaranteed placement assistance, which helps provide tremendous job opportunities.

Improvement in critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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