Monday, November 10, 2014

Industrial Training- Why You Should Choose a Company Over Institute?

Today, majority of the employers are looking for employees that are ready to step into the professional world, and require no training. This is the reason why from last few years, importance of industrial training programs has increased significantly. Hence, it has becomes an integral part of the curriculum and technical engineering programs.

Every student needs to undergo these training programs in order to enhance their qualification and practical skills before they step in the corporate environment. These training programs are designed to give them an opportunity to groom themselves and step ahead towards their dream future.

However, whenever you decide to start your 6 month training in Chandigarh, you need to make sure that you should select an IT company, instead of going with an institute. There are many quality reasons that why you should prefer a company over institute.

Employers have adopted new hiring model, instead of using outdated hiring methods. Thus, they    prefer students with some corporate experience under their belt.

Most of the times, main focus of the institutes remains on theoretically knowledge only, where as in an organization they can receive equal share of both practical and theoretically training.

When students join their industrial training at a company, they are not treated like students and are given opportunities to explore and perform work on corporate projects using professional tools.

Performing work under IT professional with years of experience gives them more self-confidence and belief to experiment new things.

After finishing 6 months industrial training, students also receive an experience letter from the IT organization, which gives them immense benefit in their upcoming professional arena.

Students receive training on latest technology and a chance to work on live projects. It also gives them a chance to discover their hidden potential and show the skills that they have developed during their studies.

Most of the reputable organizations also provide employability test and skills assessment to ensure the progress an efficiency of the training programs.

You can gain more benefits from your industrial training, but only if you have selected a right company with a training program of your interest. Hence, it becomes extremely important for students to carefully find a reputable and certified organization to complete their training. Always make sure that the company has a proven track record and there are no negative reviews against them. You can also ask them about previous student’s reference to be more sure.

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