Friday, March 3, 2017

Various Courses For Six Month Industrial Training

Industrial training can build a foundation for the candidates to build a successful career in their respectable industries. There are several companies offering six-month industrial training in Chandigarh where you can join the training program.

There are many benefits of joining a reputed company to complete your six month industrial training:

  • Good corporate exposure in the beginning
  • Hands-on training with practical knowledge
  • Veteran professionals
  • Planned curriculum
  • Communication skill classes
  • Learning about latest technology and algorithm
  • Valid certification
  • Employment aid
  • Live projects


Candidates can train in in different fields and become trained professionals in their chosen fields. Following are some of the training courses you can join for six months industrial training at an IT Company:

PHP Development:
PHP development has a good scope and is considered one of the most promising fields in the IT industry. Individuals can get good opportunities to develop their career. In the training programs, the candidates are taught PHP and server, MySQL, framework, CMS, Javascript &  Jquery, and  sessions and cookie.

With these skills, the candidates can develop and use various PHP apps and CMS systems. To make sure they are trained well, the candidates are given theoretical classes and a live project to work on. 

IPhone Development:
iPhone development is an evolving career which is propitious and interesting. In the six month iphone industrail training, candidates can learn technical skills including introduction to mobile app development, Mac development, UITabbarcontroller, UINavigation controller, ios, model view controller architecture, and user interface controls for iPhone developments and many other modules. 

After the training program, candidates are able to develop commercial iPhone apps.

Search Engine Optimization:
With limitless career opportunities in the digital marketing, it can be beneficial to master this trade that reaps success with little initial effort.

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