Sunday, October 23, 2016

Advantages Of PHP In Website And Application Development

PHP is a popular server side scripting language and is used to develop dynamic web pages. It is an open source and is very easy to use. PHP developers and programmers are sought after in this date. Increasing online presence of every business these days create more need of PHP developers. PHP is user friendly and the dynamic web pages produced using PHP offer great functionality. If you want to build a career in PHP, it is essential to know the advantages of PHP. Following are some of the advantages of the using PHP for website and app development:

  • Free And Open Source:
There is no need to spend hefty money on it. It is free of cost and is very easy to install. It is updated and developed by developers around the world.

  • Server Side Scripting:
It is really capable web developing language and are used to create the website with heavy load of traffic. Websites such as Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook are built using  PHP and because PHP is a server side scripting language, it can be used for building really heavy websites.

  • Easy To Use:
The syntax of PHP is very easy to understand and use. The code of this language is based on C++ and has HTML source code. This makes it really easy to read and use. It can be used with operating systems such as Mac OS, UNIX, LINUX and Windows. The web servers such as Netscape, Microscope IIS, and Apache also support PHP Language. The database such as FrontBase, InterBase, SQLite, MySQL, are SQLite supported by PHP.

  • Quick To Create Websites:
PHP has a separate memory space due to which workload and loading time from the server is decreased. The processing speed is really quick and can develop forums, CMS, CRM in an efficient manner. 

For pursuing career as a PHP developer, it is essential that you have six weeks/six months PHP industrial training from a reputable company in Chandigarh.

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