Thursday, September 24, 2015

Which Topics Students Get To Study In Seo Industrial Training?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a highly regarded career with numerous job or career opportunities in IT industry. This field requires a certain skill, professionalism and dedication. But, what you require most is six week SEO industrial training. This course educates and turns students into search engine optimization professionals.

Following are the topics that students get to study in this SEO training –
  • Online or internet marketing – In this program, trainees get the opportunity to learn about the online or internet marketing. Since search engine optimization is a vital part of internet marketing, it becomes important to learn about this field.
  • Google algorithm updates – Google optimizes its algorithms to improve the results in SERPs (search engine result pages). It includes Panda and Penguin updates. If you want to become a SEO professional, then you must know about these Google algorithm updates that change SERP results. It also affect different search engine optimization techniques that you need to learn.
  • On & off page-optimization – On and off page optimization is an important part of this training. Course gives you an insight regarding how optimization is completed whether on page or off page.
  • SEO – This program introduces you to search engine optimization. It includes basics as well as advanced techniques of this field. Trainees get to learn about keywords, link building and various other techniques.
  • SMO – Social media optimization (SMO) has emerged as the one the essential marketing techniques in IT field. Since it is a significant part of SEO now, you must learn about this topic too.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is one of the major tools used in this profession. You must learn about this tool as it provides the essential details regarding rankings, keywords, traffic and more. During industrial training, students get the chance to learn how Google Analytics works or how it is used in search engine optimization.
  • Various analyses – Search engine optimization is field in which you need to perform various analyses. This is the reason why different analyses are encompassed in programs. It includes website and competitor analysis.
  • Pay Per Click – Many industrial training programs include Pay Per Click (PPC) course too. In this part of course, you get the opportunity to learn about AdWords, keywords targeting, account management, creating ads and campaigns, campaign management & tweaking, budget, bidding and more.
Knowledge of above-mentioned topics is necessary to become a SEO professional.

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