Friday, May 22, 2015

How Industrial Training Program can sharpen skills of trainees?

The industrial training has become an integral part of learning. After completion of degree, it might be difficult to get placements due to lack of practical training. The industrial training is one such type of learning curve for students, which can help them fit in the IT industry.
The chance of learning theoretical and practical aspects takes place in industrial training. The corporate world provides due respect to the trainees. It is important to undergo this type of learning schedule before going for a professional job.
The students are able to learn various new things in six weeks industrial training. The horizon of learning is quiet high for learners in this training. It is important to undergo training after completion of the Degree or within the curriculum of Degree.
Following is the list of points, which students should confirm before joining an institute for industrial training –
Go for Established Name – It is important to look for an established name in the IT industry. The established names do make a difference, as number of projects in this company would be high. The availability of live projects in this company would be high. The trainees would be able to explore and learn more with the help of live projects.
State of the Art Infrastructure – The students should look forward to industrial training in institutes, which have state of the art infrastructure. The students are able to learn more, when infrastructure is sound.
Fee of Training Curriculum – The students should study the fee structure of the course well in advance. It is advised to look for fee structure from two to three institutes, before opting a specific course. The decision in haste can cost learners in a big way. The patience and thorough research needs to be done, while finalizing for a course.
Certification – After completion of course, trainers provide certificate of successful completion to students. The certificate would state that students have undergone six weeks industrial training in Mohali. The certificate holds great value for students in the future.
Placement Assistance – The companies provide placement assistance to trainees. The industrial training provides an edge to students. After successful completion of training, students become professional in that field. The trainers help them in getting placement at other renowned companies. The success of placement services needs to be checked well in time. Even, students are able to secure pre placement offers (PPOs).

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